Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bye-Bye Winter!

Yes, it looks like we are saying goodbye to winter here in the Bay Area.  Slowly, but surely anyway.  The spring rains, such as they are, are here. This means we can pack away beautiful wool coats like this one made from Shwin&Shwin pattern for the Abbey coat:

And while it is sad to say goodbye to such a lovely little coat that wont even fit her by the time it gets cold again, doing so means I get to make her adorable little spring jackets like the Prudence Jacket from Shwin&Shwin.  I am so in love with this jacket!  The first one I did was in this Homespun patchwork calico that I loved, but Shelby wasn't too fond of...

So then I made her one with thin corduroy and the most wonderful giraffe lining!

In case you couldn't tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shwin & Shwin Designs. (I have nearly every pattern!) They make some truly wonderful patterns  that are easy to follow and fit well without alterations.  You ladies ROCK!

And finally, one of my favorite inspiration blogs, MeSewCrazy did a tutorial for making a cute little cropped jacket with ruffled/pleated pockets. Hers was AMAZINGLY CUTE.  My first attempt was with some leftover mattress striped fabric I had and turned out pretty good.  I already have a fabric stash in mind to create some more for Shelby.  She's into layering right now, so jackets definitely fit the bill!

Might have to try a "mommy" version!


  1. That corduroy color is FABULOUS! And the jackets are adorable! Love the stripes too! Lucky little girl :-)

    1. Yes, she is lucky. She places a new "order" almost daily!! :)