Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Runway... mini-sized!

So, I don't know about all of you, but I am IN LOVE with Project Runway.  Yes, there have been some not-so-hot seasons(current season included!), but I am ever-faithful!  I watch every episode!  And sometimes, one of the designers hits it out of the park and makes something beautiful AND wearable.  Such was the case with Stanley in Episode 10 of this season. It was the "design your own fabric" challenge and Stanley was teamed up with Michelle (my FAVE!), who created the print.  I wasn't thrilled with it at first... but then this walked down the runway:

I know, the hem is a bit of a tragedy, but otherwise... SWOON!
I wanted to pint-size this design and make it more kid-like... a little less sophisticated and a little playful.  But I wanted to keep the shape and the overall idea, so the I thought playing with color and prints would be the best way to "kidify" it.  I did two versions... a colorful, fun, light and airy one that has a sophisticated print in bright fun colors; and a dressier one where I used muted colors and a muted print. I also lengthened it because my little girlie requested "a dress all the way to my toes!" I like the shorter length though, so I haven't hemmed the colorful one yet... holding out hope that she'll let me!
(she's been home sick, hence the slippers and mussy hair!)
(I softened the curve of the bottom of the bodice after I made this one... I wanted it a little more straight-across.)
(Those are GOLD BUTTONS, people! She is over the moon at her GOLD buttons. :)


  1. These are incredible!!! I loved that dress on Runway, too! Great take on a super cool dress :D

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! I am totally in love with your Hosh Pants, BTW! So adorable!