Thursday, April 18, 2013

Too much cuteness!

My son is two and a half.  He has been using the potty for a while now, but still needs help and wears a pull-up at times. Why am I telling you the sordid details of my son's life?  Because, you could not imagine how difficult it is to find cute clothes that address the pull-up fullness AND the ups & downs of daily potty runs!  Most of the clothes in stores that are cute have buttons and zippers... no good for a quick dash to the potty.  The ones that are elastic are sweats or knits that have no shape or style. (At least at the places I can afford to shop!)  I have just begun sewing for my little man and I have been having a blast doing it!  One of my favorite things to use when creating for my boy are home decorator fabric remnants.  I know, it sounds a little crazy - pictures of couch print pants and drapery sheers for sleeves fill your head. But it's not really that strange.  The fabric store near my home sells home deco remnants for $5-$6/yd.  And this stuff is GOOD QUALITY!  I've gotten micro suede, beachy-feeling canvasy-type stuff, just wonderful patterns and colors that say SPRING without screaming GIRLY!  I may be fooling myself, but I also feel like they will hold up to my rough-and-tumble little guy a little better than your average bottom-weight. This all brings me to my most recent outfit made for him.  A month or so ago, I purchased the Sun & Surf pattern collection from Pattern Anthology.  There are not enough good words in the English language to describe how much I love the pieces in this collection.  I have a five-year old daughter and a 2.5 year old son and have made (or at least cut out) each piece at least once. They are stylish, easy-wearing, detailed clothing with a specific point of view created by some exceedingly talented ladies whom I greatly admire. PLEASE check them out! 
BUT FIRST, check out my little man in his Surfer Slacks and Submarine Pull-Over. Those surfer Slacks are SO AWESOME!!  They are roomy enough for a pull-up, but still look slim.  And they have a fantastic elastic waistband that my son can pull up/down with ease!  I just love them! He has a Beachy Boatneck on in navy blue underneath, but alas, would not take the pull-over off to show me:
This is my front!

And this is my back!

Too much CUTENESS!!


  1. Your little guy is adorable! And great sewing, you have great color and pattern combinations, this outfit is so rad!! Thank you so much for sharing the link to it, I love seeing my patterns in action! If you want to, add it to our pattern anthology flickr pool and/or my see kate sew one and we'll feature it!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to check it out!! I am always thrilled when I get a visit from a sewing/blogging idol! The pants are rockin! He gets lots of compliments on them! I've been sewing for over 30 years (since I was eight!) and have always loved making children's clothes. I am loving being able to make awesome stuff for my daughter AND my son!!